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Real Estate 2018-08-16T14:26:13+00:00


  • Tax optimisation on the purchase and sale of a Belgian and foreign property

  • Buying & selling: contract drafting, purchase agreements, etc.

  • Methods for holding real estate assets (directly, through a company, via a family foundation, etc.)

  • Taxation of corporate real estate

  • Transfer of real estate (sale, gifting, family foundation, inheritance, etc.)

  • Gifting of a building: respect for equality between children, protection of the donor, etc.

  • Family tenure and management agreements

  • Foreign real estate: purchase, sale, taxation, inheritance

  • Real estate in France (SCI, SPI, IFI, inheritance, gifts, etc.)

  • Usufruct – emphyteusis – droit de superficie: optimization mode

  • Real estate and VAT