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“Since 1992, our firm has been advising clients on tax matters, gift and inheritance law. He has earned a reputation for excellence in these fields on the Belgian and international scene thanks to his rigor, the creativity of his members and his ethics. ”

The law firm DEKEYSER & ASSOCIES, based in Brussels, specialises in Belgian and international inheritance and tax law.
The company also has considerable experience in the management of partner relations and governance.

The members of the firm are all specialized in tax law. Some are also specialized in notarial services. They share experiences as practitioners, presenters, and university lecturers, which enables clients to benefit from high-level advice that is always in line
with the latest legislative developments, which is a real added value.
The firm was established in 1997 following the departure of its founder, Attny. Manoël Dekeyser, from one of the largest French law firms (Berlioz – UGGC) associated with first- rate American and English offices (McDermott Will & Emery, Paisner & Co). The firm has since maintained its level of excellence and has grown significantly. Mr. Gregory Homans is the latest partner to be appointed.

The partners and associates of the firm maintain a long-term relationship of trust with clients, through daily demonstration of their availability, professionalism, creativity, and experience.

They also accompany clients throughout all steps leading to the implementation of the proposed recommendations if the client wishes to be assisted in this way.

Ethics, legal rigour and fiscal security are the elements guiding the intellectual work of the entire team.

The firm’s offices are Art-Déco inspired, ideal for reflexion and to maintain the discretion necessary for all matters taken care of.


Our desire is to work as “artisans of the law”: each situation is unique! The members of our firm take particular care to understand the specific situation of each of our clients and to help them develop optimal structures with regard to both their situation and their personal objectives.

Our firm offers its clients tailor-made solutions. This creativity is fostered by the excellence, flexibility and professional rigour of its members, as well as by the positive energy generated by the dynamism of a human-sized firm that encourages sharing and exchange within its team.

The members of the firm make sure that the originality of the proposed and implemented solutions does not alter their legal and fiscal security but rather reinforces it. In fact, this dynamic in our practice is perfectly in line with the constant evolution of tax and estate law.

We attach particular importance to listening, being available, and the development of a personalized relationship with each of our clients. This enables us to understand their situation, identify their expectations and needs, help them define their objectives and assist them in achieving them. Based on this comprehensive and in-depth understanding, we develop tailor-made solutions that meet their specific expectations while guaranteeing them the best legal and tax security. We assist them in the implementation of the proposed solutions. The support we offer to our clients motivates them to want to work with us on future projects.

We are independent of any network and any external service provider. This independence guarantees total freedom in choosing the partner who will best meet the needs of our clients according to their own specialty (a lawyer, a notary or a foreign tax consultant, etc.). The many cases we have handled on the Belgian or international scene (from Switzerland to Canada, from Luxembourg to Finland, including most EU countries) have allowed us to appreciate the skills of our many partners.

Our international expertise is based on our participation in discussion groups focused on the sharing of legal and tax information (for example, the prestigious Estate Planning Skill Group “Bruxelles – Lille – Paris”, of which the firm has been a member since 2010).

We frequently collaborate with notaries, bankers, auditors and other Belgian and foreign experts chosen by our clients or recommended by us. This allows us to verify that their interests are defended at all levels and to acquire a full understanding of their case. This global view enables us to provide legal and fiscal security for the proposed solutions.

The vigilance and ethics of our firm’s lawyers, their intellectual rigour and their concern for the quality of the service provided, guarantee our clients that they benefit, to obtain the most appropriate answers to their questions, from a service based on absolute independence.  

Confidentiality, which concerns not only the subject of the interviews with our clients and the advice given but also their very identity, allows them to express themselves in an environment of total trust.

Lawyers enjoy the right and an obligation to professional secrecy that make our profession the last bastion of real confidentiality, a genuine right to business and estate privacy.

Our clients’ estate and tax projects (donation projects, bequests, various allocations, tax optimisation schemes), the tax status of their assets in Belgium or abroad, and the source of their income can thus be revealed to us with complete confidence. This allows our clients to receive the soundest advice.


1. The remuneration of our services constitutes the recognition of quality by our clients. What’s most essential is that, while ensuring compensation for our work and the originality of the proposed solutions, our clients leave satisfied and eager to work together with us on even more of their future projects.

2. The services are provided by highly specialised lawyers, thanks to their academic background and their experience of the subjects addressed. The Association’s lawyers ensure that they’re always up to date on the complex and technical matters that are dealt with. As a result, they dedicate a considerable amount of their time lecturing at conferences, writing articles, and teaching about the topics covered.

3. Our fees are calculated on the basis of an hourly rate, meaning that they depend on the time we spend on the matter at hand. Hourly rates for members of the firm range from € 120 to 400. These fees are increased by an additional 22.5%; this corresponds to the average costs associated with managing the law firm’s cases (subscriptions to numerous databases, typing, telephone, travel within Belgium, administrative work, etc.); any additional disbursements are counted separately (notary fees, possible travel abroad and related costs, etc.). VAT of 21% is applicable to fees and expenses.

By prior agreement between the client and the firm, the rates are increased for services rendered with urgency, in the case of sensitive files, or in cases requiring a particular responsibility.

4. Instead of hourly rates, we regularly agree with clients on a fixed fee, determined on the basis of the complexity and/or the stakes involved. This is possible when the issue to be addressed is well defined. In the absence of a written exchange with the client detailing a fixed fee, an hourly rate is applied.

When our advice brings a particular added value to the person or family we assist, the firm sometimes proposes an outcome-based fee (success-fee), for example for the implementation of an original and attractive tax mechanism.

5. The first meeting is always billable (except when it is agreed with the client that the first meeting will be brief and intended only to get to know the lawyer). This is indicated during the client’s first call to the office.

The retainer requested for the first meeting constitutes a lump sum if it’s not followed by other services. Most often, the meeting preludes other services and is thus charged later as a paid advance on the fees due as a result of the time spent on the dossier (or on the flat rate referred to in point 4, above).

6. The predictability of the fees is recognized by the client through the existence of the above-mentioned scales or by the written exchange regarding the agreed fixed amount. The Association may inform the client, upon request, the total amount due at any stage in the case.

1. Dekeyser & Associés (“the Firm” or ” the Association”) is a civil company in the form of a private limited liability company (SPRL) under Belgian law (CBE 456 446 168).

2. The lawyer’s mission consists of advising, assisting or representing the client. This includes all the services performed for this purpose.

The Association’s lawyer in charge of the dossier reserves the right, during the execution of this mission, to call upon the assistance of one or several other partners and associates of the Association

3. Requests for fees, advances on fees, costs and/or disbursements incurred by the Association are payable upon receipt. In the event of non-payment one month after the date of sending, interest amounting to 0.5% per month is due automatically and without formal notice from the date of the payment request. In the event of a registered formal notice or judicial recovery, the amount due and the interest will be inflated by 10%, on the understanding that the additional fee will be at least €500 and at most €5000, without prejudice to pay the legal court indemnities.

4. If payment is not made on time, the Firm reserves the right to suspend the execution of a mission or to withdraw completely, after having informed the client. The Firm cannot be held responsible for any possible damage that would result from this. In the event of non-payment of the full fees requested, any liability with regard to the advice provided is definitely excluded.

5. Any comments regarding the payment request must be made in writing within 15 days of receipt in order to be admissible. Payment implies final acceptance of the request for payment and the services concerned.

6. The firm’s civil liability is limited to the amounts to which the firm’s professional liability insurance entitles it. The amounts insured, the conditions of implementation of insurance policies, the possible accumulation of claims for different disputes during the same period or for related events, and all other terms and conditions can be communicated to customers on request.

The above limitations of liability shall apply not only to Dekeyser & Associés, but also to their partners, managers, lawyers, and associates.

Dekeyser & Associés is insured by the Brussels Bar with Ethias for an amount of €1,250,000 (policy no. 45,118,401). On the drafting date of these Conditions, the firm is also insured (additional guarantee) with AIG Europe for an amount of €2,000,000 (policy no. 4519 1234 174) and is insured (additional guarantee of Rank 3) with Gerling Konzern Allgemeine Versicherung AG for an amount of 7,500,000 € (policy no. 60/72035/23/053). The company guarantees first rank insurance; if the client wishes to know if the second and third rank guarantees are in effect when he or she contacts the firm, he or she is invited to make a request to the company after which the required information will be sent immediately.

7. If the client has been informed of the use of third parties by the Association (such as a notary, an auditor, an external lawyer, an accountant, etc.) and a notice from them has been given to the client (whether it is worded to the Association or to the client), the Firm is not liable to the clients for any errors made by these third parties, even if these persons have been informed or questioned and paid by the Firm.

8. Documents, notices, and data of any nature whatsoever transmitted by the Firm to the client by electronic mail will not be encrypted and the responsibility of the Firm may not be invoked by the client in the event that a third party becomes aware of the information and notices contained in the mail, unless the client expressly requests that the data is encrypted.

The Association will make reasonable efforts to protect e-mails and their attachments from viruses and other failures that could damage a computer or computer system. The Association shall not be liable for any consequences to clients resulting from IT issues or similar problems generated by the Association’s documents, files, and communications.

9. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR): Dekeyser & Associés protects its clients’ data according to the standards and limits set by the GDPR.

10. Belgian law is applicable to the legal relationship between the Association and the clients. Any possible litigation will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Brussels, in the French language, regardless of the location of residence or registered company address of the client.

11. The Association, its partners and managers and all persons called upon for the performance of a mission may avail themselves of the present general conditions, even if they have left the Association in the meantime.

Our friends

Our firm is sensitive to the concerns of families but also of society at large.

It thus supports various associations and NGOs to which it redistributes a substantial percentage of its annual income.