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Dekeyser Lawyers


Advice on estate and tax matters: 

Optimisation of movable and immovable property, gifts and successions, family pacts, etc.

for several well-known Belgian families such as Inbev’s shareholders and foreign families such as some Auchan’s shareholders, who have chosen to live in Belgium

for French, Belgian, Swiss and Luxemburg Banks (Wealth planning Departments) which entrust us with the representation of their clients' interests : BNP PARIBAS, ING, DEGROOF, AXA, CREDIT AGRICOLE, DEXIA, …


For individuals looking for legal ways to reduce taxes on their income and assets, including well-known CEOs and artists (famous singers, writers and painters)


Advice on company and tax law:

Incorporation of Belgian and foreign companies and foundations, M&A, shares and assets deals, due diligence and acquisition process, Directors and CEO’s rights and liabilities, personal income tax and corporate taxes

real estate companies (rest homes, real estate building companies, …)

telecommunications (Webraska S.A., Orange S.A., other French companies)

pharmaceuticals (Docpharma S.A., Aprime S.A., …)

all sorts of service companies



On contractual matters:

Shareholders and investment agreements, MOU, S.P.A., …

Family pacts

Trade agreements

Licensing contracts



Note :

Discretion and our rules forbid us from revealing the identity of our clients except where authorized
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