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Imagination is a powerful vector of success in the domain of tax and estate planning.

Association Dekeyser

In estate matters, a good understanding of human situations is key to implementing structures that will support the evolution of needs and family relations.

Trust and imagination are important features as regards the search for original solutions and a way to develop long-term relationship with clients.

In corporate affairs, an acute sense of text analysis and the ability to draft clear and flawless pacts and agreements are the best guarantee of no future disputes.

Our clientele is essentially composed of private individuals and wealthy families eager to optimize the transfer of their estate, or to base their wealth management and growth on sound legal bases.

It includes as well shareholders of Belgian companies, whether individuals or corporations (Belgian and foreign corporations), planning to sell their stock or to welcome new investors, as well as prospective purchasers of such assets and companies.

Belgian and foreign mid-size companies trust us to organize their top managers’ legal situation (becoming resident of Belgium or opting for a special expatriate status, stock option plans, management companies, etc.).

Such situations require assistance where advice prevails, when the lawyer shows that he/she is capable of identifying with the individual client or project leader. He/she helps a family to define a Governance Chart or to safely organize the transfer of assets from the elders to its young members. He assists a company to adopt a sound legal strategy to expand, to hire a key person or achieve other immediate legal and contractual objectives.

We wish to work as "legal craftsmen" in these various domains, to understand the specific situation of our clients and help them, when necessary, to take a stance by developing their legal strategy, tax or estate structure, or the most effective form of defence.

Payment for our assistance is essentially our clients' recognition of its quality. The main aim is that while ensuring our work and the originality of the solutions proposed are correctly remunerated, our clients leave satisfied, with the desire to further involve us in their projects.


We are not linked to a network of law firms. We deal with numerous cross-border cases and wish to remain free to choose the partner in every country who will best be able to answer the specific issues raised in each case.

The numerous cases we have dealt with over the past 20 years, in partnership with colleagues from other countries, have allowed us to appreciate the competences of numerous colleagues, each according to his/her specialty, and we prefer to avoid the constraints of having to call upon members from an instituted network.


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